Demystifying AI: A Business Perspective – A Swift, Comprehensive Guide

Dive into the world of AI tailored specifically for the business mind. This presentation offers a brisk yet thorough exploration of AI, designed to equip business professionals with an understanding of AI concepts, its transformative potential, and the latest trends. Without delving too deep into the technical jargon, I navigate the recent surge in AI interest, dissect essential concepts, and unveil practical insights into leveraging AI within your enterprise.

Presentation Highlights:

00:00 Introduction to AI: Unraveling its history, evolution, and current dynamics.
09:00 Understanding AI: Grasping its capabilities and limitations.
12:45 AI’s Economic Impact: Beyond novelty – a strategic business tool.
19:07 Demystifying AI Training: A simplified look at model training.
23:53 Inside Large Language Models (LLMs): A peek into how they function.
37:10 Leveraging LLMs: Practical applications including Prompting, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), and Fine-Tuning.
45:20 Choosing AI Tools: between open-source and proprietary solutions.
48:29 AI vs. Traditional IT Development: Understanding the differences.
51:21 Navigating Business Risks with AI: Identifying potential pitfalls and strategies to mitigate them.