Generative AI Engineering

Transform AI’s Complexities into Tailored Business Solutions

I specialize in translating AI breakthroughs into bespoke solutions that drive business transformation.

My expertise spans chatbots, fine-tuning, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), Large Language Models (both commercial and open-source), prompt engineering, and other recent advancements in Generative AI.

Let’s collaborate to explore how we can turn AI’s complexities into your competitive edge.

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Chatbot Development

Experience the Future of Communication

Let’s dive into the future of digital interaction with custom chatbot. Leveraging LLMs and generative AI, I craft intelligent, responsive chatbots that elevate customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Prepare or generate dataset

I use proprietary or synthetic dataset to feed the chatbot agent with necessary tone and style of communication.

Use proprietary API or fine-tune an open source LLM

To give the chatbot an edge, I employ high-quality proprietary API or carefully fine-tune the selected model to align its responses with company’s specific requirements, including the tone and style of communication that embodies brand’s identity.

Integrate RAG

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) ensures chatbot provides not only aligned but also accurate and contextually rich, factual responses.

Deploy in a cloud

Once the model is up to par, I build an API, craft user interface, and deploy it in a cloud to utilize scalable and secure infrastructure.

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AI Consulting & Strategy

Let’s Unlock the Power of AI to Fuel Your Growth

I’m here to guide your AI transformation and bridge the gap between technology and business. Holding an Executive MBA, a degree in Computer Science, and having +20 years of experience in technical and leadership roles, I bring a rich blend of technical expertise and managerial acumen to the table. I offer AI consulting that translates into tangible growth. Let’s collaboratively build your AI roadmap, accelerating your organization’s journey towards innovation.

Synthetic datasets

Let’s Design the Dataset Your Project Needs to Succeed

Fuel your AI with high-quality synthetic datasets. Synthetic datasets are artificially generated data that mimic real-world data, enabling AI models to learn and predict with accuracy without compromising privacy or security. I craft these datasets to bring AI to life, providing both breadth and depth. My datasets are designed to reflect real-world complexities and nuances, making them perfect for training sophisticated AI systems. By leveraging synthetic data, I help ensure your AI projects are not only innovative but also ethically responsible and compliant with data protection standards.